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The Eyes of the Youth

Tackling the Water and the Climate Crises

Water is the key to life. Yet when we started our work, Mboni ya Vijana found Zeze and Kasulu facing droughts and a lack of access to clean and safe water. As climate change impacts our earth, water becomes ever more scarce for us as our ponds and streams dry up, our land degrades, droughts…
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Bringing clean and safe water to Kigoma

There have been two registered deaths of children from falls into ponds in Malalo in a year. Can you imagine just how much children are at risk in collecting water so far away from residents? Malalo children wash and collect water 3km away in the bush swamp. We want to build a well at the…
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Founder Benedicto Hosea speaks at the UK Parliament

With Mboni Ya Vijana, Benedicto Hosea has set a standard of community-level developmental projects that are hard to follow. In his journey, Tanzania Development Trust has played a pivotal role, providing finance for many projects. For instance, in 2015, TDT gave funds for the construction of a village agricultural storage facility. Tanzania Development Trust has…
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