Mboni ya Vijana

(The eyes of the youth)

A grassroots community organisation taking action for a better tomorrow.

We are a grassroots community non-profit organisation taking action for a better tomorrow.

We believe everyone has the right to life’s basics: a roof, enough food to eat, clean water to drink, and education to build a brighter future.

But rural people in Tanzania currently face many challenges and inequalities. Some struggle to grow or buy enough food for their families, clean water is hard or even dangerous to access, and the land is suffering from drought, or flooding and poor farming practices. These problems are becoming more serious as climate change threatens the way of life in these once-thriving communities.

However, we know this can be changed. We are working on positive community-led projects from tree planting and boreholes to micro-financing enterprising local women, that help transform lives in Kigoma, Tanzania.

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