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The Eyes of The Youth

Feeding Students in Kigoma

Midday draws nearer as you’re sat in class. After a long morning of studying hard in subjects like mathematics and science your stomach starts to rumble… What was the meal you were most looking forward to eating in lunch at school? For many of us we will have our lunch break, refuel with some food…
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Are you ready to be a food hero?

Calling all food heroes! Join us for our seed money campaign to fight famine in Tanzania. We’re raising funds to create school gardens to feed our students!

Bringing Water to Titye Secondary School!

It would be at least a two hour long walk, approximately 2.3km, to reach the stream, queue, and walk back again. On a school day, this meant shortening the hours of students’ education. For the rest of the locals, this meant shortening their work hours. All to get water. We know this isn’t right –…
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Zeze’s Seed Money Success!

We all know just how vital food is for our survival, it’s something we learn instinctively at a very young age – our stomachs ache and begin to grumble and we realise how empty our stomachs feel, we may start to feel tired or get a headache, and our mood suddenly takes a nose-dive into…
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Zeze School Garden Campaign

We have a new campaign to help eradicate hunger – this time, we’re focussing on our schools. So, we’re starting a campaign to raise $600 by the 15th December 2020 to set up a school garden for the students where we can plant fruit trees such as avocado and mango, and various vegetables such as…
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Solutions Drive Youth Camp 2019 Unified Societies

Brick making The improvements in agricultural production at Zeze in Kasulu Tanzania, is making the strength and effectiveness of the supporting food production in rural societies. From 29th July to 17th August 2019, Mboni ya Vijana Group held a youth camp that brought youth from different regions of Tanzania and Britain. The camp delivered technical…
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Enable 500 Tanzanian youth to feed their families

Summary We believe everyone has the right to life’s basics. A roof, enough food to eat, clean water to drink and the education needed to build a brighter future. What we take for granted can only be dreamed of by communities in extreme poverty such as Zeze. But his dream isn’t impossible. It doesn’t take…
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MVG is transforming Zeze village Kigoma July 2017

Benedicto Hosea, founder of MVG shows the progress that they have made in constructing a bore hole, rope pump and welding workshop, and outlines their plans for the future and current challenges.


By Benedicto Hosea – Project Leader Great maize harvest after farmers training A prosperous life for everyone in Zeze is the major demand of us (Mboni ya Vijana and donors). However, we could not have the way to that without the support from you all. 2016 has been a great year in Zeze evidencing a lot…
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Tackling inequality in Zeze village with sustainable agriculture

Building rural livelihoods and eliminating poverty in Tanzania… I met Benedicto Hosea by chance. A well wisher from England who he’d met online had been so impressed with his drive to improve life in his village she’d asked me to take out a camera to him. When we met he talked with such passion and…
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