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The Eyes of The Youth

Bringing Water to Titye Secondary School!

It would be at least a two hour long walk, approximately 2.3km, to reach the stream, queue, and walk back again. On a school day, this meant shortening the hours of students’ education. For the rest of the locals, this meant shortening their work hours. All to get water. We know this isn’t right –…
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Talking Trees in our Climate Crisis at the Climate Stewards Global Gathering 2020

This year has certainly been like no other! And we are all probably at the point of wanting 2021 to come around so we can hopefully try and get back to some sort of normality. But, despite our social distancing and isolation making it feel like the world has come to a stop, many things…
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Bringing Cleaner Cooking to Zeze with Fuel-Efficient Stoves.

The task of cooking is not always such an easy or pleasant one in our community. Someone will have to go out and search for fuel, which is most often wood. This task in itself will take a considerable amount of time, which often takes time away from other activities, such as education or work.…
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