How solar power can boost Zeze, Tanzania

benefits of solar power in tanzaniaOne natural resource that is plentiful in Zeze is sunlight. While the sun is great for nourishing crops and providing natural light, there are so many ways that we could use solar power to boost the Zeze community:

Solar pumps

In August 2015, Mboni Ya Vijana fixed a water well by using a solar-powered water pump bought on Ebay. There are 9 water pumps in Zeze, but only 3 work currently, including the one that was fixed in September. With Solar power, we could fix the other 6 pumps. This would decrease time spent waiting in line for water and increase agricultural production (which is currently limited by water access).

benefits of solar power in tanzaniaSolar lights

Solar power plays a pivotal role in aiding children’s education by providing clean, reliable, and sustainable energy. In remote areas with limited or no access to electricity grids, solar power emerges as a game-changer. Solar panels harness the abundant energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, powering schools, classrooms, and homes. This enables extended study hours, as children can now study even after sunset, breaking the constraints of daylight-dependent learning. Solar-powered lighting systems create well-lit environments, reducing eye strain and creating a conducive atmosphere for reading and studying. Additionally, solar energy facilitates the use of technology, such as laptops, tablets, and e-readers, enhancing digital education opportunities and connecting students to a wealth of educational resources. By providing clean and sustainable energy, solar power empowers children to overcome the barriers of energy poverty, enabling them to access quality education and thrive academically.

We currently have a program going of loaning solar lights to groups of 5 students, but it would be better if they could access these lights on a permanent basis.

Powering Tech

The availability of electricity acts to bridge the digital divide, as it provides the necessary power source for laptops and phones, which are essential for accessing the internet and utilizing updated learning materials and resources. By bridging this digital divide, education in remote areas becomes more equitable, empowering children to access new information and connect with a global community. In the school, we have broadband satellite, so the students can access the internet on their raspberry pi computers.  Additionally, it fosters a more dynamic and engaging learning environment, where students can explore interactive educational content.

Furthermore, the benefits extend to teachers as well, as they gain access to additional training, support, and career development opportunities that are facilitated by digital technologies and connectivity.

To help us get the solar panels required to boost Zeze’s potential, Please consider donating by visiting our MyDonate fundraiser profile page here.

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