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The Eyes of The Youth

Looking back and planning ahead

As we celebrate the new year, I am pleased to thank you all for your support of Mboni ya Vijana in 2019. Your voluntary works and donations have much value to Mboni ya Vijana and the societies we serve, and to moving us far in transforming our poor communities. In the next year, we are…
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Happy Finishing the Year 2019

MBONI YA VIJANA GROUP sympathetically acknowledges those who walked together in promoting development of the poor. Since 2014, we have been implementing small projects to sustain the demands of the youth and poor communities at Zeze village and Kasulu in Tanzania. The major issues we have been addressing are food and nutrition security, income security,…
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Founder Benedicto Hosea speaks at the UK Parliament

With Mboni Ya Vijana, Benedicto Hosea has set a standard of community-level developmental projects that are hard to follow. In his journey, Tanzania Development Trust has played a pivotal role, providing finance for many projects. For instance, in 2015, TDT gave funds for the construction of a village agricultural storage facility. Tanzania Development Trust has…
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2015 in Review:

2015 was a great year for Mboni Ya Vijana and Zeze village. Here’s what we accomplished: Created a microfinance group which jump-started the businesses of over 100 women in the village Fixed a water pump, sparing the villagers from taking hours out of their day to collect water from the nearest river ¬†Installed 67 bee…
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