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The Eyes of the Youth

Tackling the Water and the Climate Crises

Water is the key to life. Yet when we started our work, Mboni ya Vijana found Zeze and Kasulu facing droughts and a lack of access to clean and safe water. As climate change impacts our earth, water becomes ever more scarce for us as our ponds and streams dry up, our land degrades, droughts…
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Help us Plant Trees in Kigoma!

Did you know that we’re on a mission to plant as many trees as we can in our area? Our land is degrading, desertification is happening before our eyes. This leads to a struggle in our agriculture, a loss of crops to eat and sell, further poverty… and our environment will continue to worsen if…
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Bringing clean and safe water to Kigoma

There have been two registered deaths of children from falls into ponds in Malalo in a year. Can you imagine just how much children are at risk in collecting water so far away from residents? Malalo children wash and collect water 3km away in the bush swamp. We want to build a well at the…
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Bringing Water to Titye Secondary School!

It would be at least a two hour long walk, approximately 2.3km, to reach the stream, queue, and walk back again. On a school day, this meant shortening the hours of students’ education. For the rest of the locals, this meant shortening their work hours. All to get water. We know this isn’t right –…
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Cleaner Cooking with Fuel-Efficient Stoves.

The task of cooking is not always such an easy or pleasant one in our community. Someone will have to go out and search for fuel, which is most often wood. This task in itself will take a considerable amount of time, which often takes time away from other activities, such as education or work.…
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