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The Eyes of the Youth

Feeding Students in Kigoma

Midday draws nearer as you’re sat in class. After a long morning of studying hard in subjects like mathematics and science your stomach starts to rumble… What was the meal you were most looking forward to eating in lunch at school? For many of us we will have our lunch break, refuel with some food…
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Zeze’s Seed Money Success!

We all know just how vital food is for our survival, it’s something we learn instinctively at a very young age – our stomachs ache and begin to grumble and we realise how empty our stomachs feel, we may start to feel tired or get a headache, and our mood suddenly takes a nose-dive into…
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Zeze School Garden Campaign

We have a new campaign to help eradicate hunger – this time, we’re focussing on our schools. So, we’re starting a campaign to raise $600 by the 15th December 2020 to set up a school garden for the students where we can plant fruit trees such as avocado and mango, and various vegetables such as…
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