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The Eyes of The Youth

Zeze’s Seed Money Success!

We all know just how vital food is for our survival, it’s something we learn instinctively at a very young age – our stomachs ache and begin to grumble and we realise how empty our stomachs feel, we may start to feel tired or get a headache, and our mood suddenly takes a nose-dive into…
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Solutions Drive Youth Camp 2019 Unified Societies

Brick making The improvements in agricultural production at Zeze in Kasulu Tanzania, is making the strength and effectiveness of the supporting food production in rural societies. From 29th July to 17th August 2019, Mboni ya Vijana Group held a youth camp that brought youth from different regions of Tanzania and Britain. The camp delivered technical…
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We are happy because they are happily fed

Fransisko Family High birth rate and climate change in  rural Tanzania, press families to food insufficient and build sadness and stunted children. However it is the small scheme, we are feeding youth’s families making them happy. Vestina is a single mother of two little girls. She didn’t know what to do with her children at…
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