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The Eyes of the Youth

Improved Cassava Yields Results

95%. of agriculture  in Kigoma – the western Region of Tanzania depends on natural rainfall.  This means it has to be grown in the rainy season that runs from October to May. The farming season for 2023/2024 started in October 2023 when rainfall started. Every farmer has been busy with farming works since then learning,…
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Unlocking Livelihoods and Environmental Potential

Better life is about better food, income, friendly and pleasant environments and love in the entire population. We all aware that, all the needs we are of; comes from our environmental resources and human knowledge, skills and collaboration. According to Worldmeter, 62% of world population lives in cities while 38% only lives in rural areas…
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Introducting Benedicto our founder

We love this video of our founder Benedicto Hosea explaining why he set up MVG and the difference it is making lifting our community out of extreme poverty. Watch it here.

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