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The Eyes of The Youth

Feeding Students in Kigoma

Midday draws nearer as you’re sat in class. After a long morning of studying hard in subjects like mathematics and science your stomach starts to rumble… What was the meal you were most looking forward to eating in lunch at school? For many of us we will have our lunch break, refuel with some food…
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Help us Plant Trees in Kigoma!

Did you know that we’re on a mission to plant as many trees as we can in our area? Our land is degrading, desertification is happening before our eyes. This leads to a struggle in our agriculture, a loss of crops to eat and sell, further poverty… and our environment will continue to worsen if…
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Talking Trees in our Climate Crisis at the Climate Stewards Global Gathering 2020

This year has certainly been like no other! And we are all probably at the point of wanting 2021 to come around so we can hopefully try and get back to some sort of normality. But, despite our social distancing and isolation making it feel like the world has come to a stop, many things…
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Doubling our Growing Season and Reducing Hunger

An Update from Benedicto Mains electricity came to Zeze in June, and everything is in place to start the food processing plant. We have been expecting the power to be switched on any day since then. Unfortunately today’s election has delayed everything, but we are optimistic we will be able to start soon.  The rains have come…
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