We are happy because they are happily fed

Fransisko Family

High birth rate and climate change inĀ  rural Tanzania, press families to food insufficient and build sadness and stunted children. However it is the small scheme, we are feeding youth’s families making them happy.

Vestina is a single mother of two little girls. She didn’t know what to do with her children at the age they supposed to go to school. She had problems with feeding them then she is required to take them to school for education. She started chicken project at a small scale and developed slowly to middle scale. She developed it from 60 to 820 chickens and she can feed her children and buy school needs for them from the products of the chickens. Lilian is a standard four one of the two little girls who I talked to during the visit to her mother’s project we supported and she says; “My mom is great and strong. She care us very well. I go to school and I get some money to buy cake and juice during school time from the money she earns from eggs. I respect chicken project because it gives us all things we want”.

Seasonal farming has been the obstacle to overcome families food challenge. Boehole drilling and installation of rope hand pump to it, is the success that we are moving ahead to lead throughout the year food growing. “Water is the driver of food production and development as a whole, havind water access from the borehole at my farm will provide abudant food yields and income generation for my family.” Biyuya said. We have drilled the borehole in March 2019 to provide water for irrigation at Biyuya’s land and will provide room for enough food and income to his family and the others.

“I am happy because my family is happy because the children eat everyday with three meals, I would not be happy if my familly is not happy.” Fransisko stated as was consulted. She adopted improved farming using better farming methods and is making huge harvests to feed her family. She feeds 9 children and supports two with education requirements.

“I am not on formal employment however this is the way I am getting self employed. The funds I recieved in February, i have injected it in pig farming. After 8 months I will earn 200,000 Tshs per each piglets exclussive.” January said. He is a young person raising pigs at Zeze village. He started it with 4 pigs with the capital of 420,000 Tshs. He is keen to develop it for earning money and food from it after the period of 8 months from February 2019.

Vestina_Feeding_Chicken_LargeVestina feeding chickens of her project

Borehole drilling at Biyuya’s farm

Lilian_LargeIntelligent Lilian explains chicken project


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