Happy Finishing the Year 2019

MBONI YA VIJANA GROUP sympathetically acknowledges those who walked together in promoting development of the poor. Since 2014, we have been implementing small projects to sustain the demands of the youth and poor communities at Zeze village and Kasulu in Tanzania. The major issues we have been addressing are food and nutrition security, income security, water and environments. We have been doing well in those areas and we are keeping on with such liberal initiatives to make everyone feel the earth the better place to live. 

Happy finishing the year 2019-1Happy finishing the year 2019-2

Since effective works started in 2015 to present, we have enabled 692 women to start small businesses by training and giving them starting capital as loan, We have trained 877 and subsidised 285 small farmers to run sustainable farming which has improved yields from 3 sacks to 24 sacks per acre, We have done 27 boreholes providing clean water and facilitated the big Zeze Community Safe Water Project serving above 9000 people, we pursue the community to trees planting and protect the available natural vegetation, we trained and educated youth in welding, carpentry, entrepreneurship and wind turbine and we harvest fishes from three fish ponds and honey from 67 hives which made us harvest 41 buckets of honey in 2019 only. 

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 We need to move beyond the present and that can be as of fast from the cooperation and supports we get from our friends, partners and donors. We all deserve better lives and we are working to improve and make it real life. 

Happy finishing the year 2019-5Happy finishing the year 2019-6

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  1. Wool
    Good job broo
    Keep moving forward.. I appreciate You’re activities
    Bring the changes to our home land
    I hate poverty more than..

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